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Futuristic Skyscraper Generators HDA

Futuristic Skyscraper Generators HDA

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Create amazing Futuristic Scenes very quickly with these tools.

Dive into the SOP nodes to learn how these tools were made. (Intermediate to advanced users)

This product contains:

  • 5 Futuristic Skyscraper generators 
  • 1 Futuristic Transportation structures generator as seen in Video above.
  •  Houdini 18.5 and above.
  • Apprentice and indie licenses available only.
  • HDAs are unlocked.
  • These are Sop level HDAs so you would need to create a geometry node and build inside it.

Installation Houdini:

  • Copy all files to your Houdini OTL folder in \Documents
  • Load Houdini.

Installation Unreal:

  • You will need to install Houdini Engine for Unreal5 to use these tools.
  • Once installed and loaded, import HDAs and start building.


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