WireCASE specialises in the production, marketing and licensing of high quality, technically accurate 3D models in various levels of detail and categories for most popular commercial 3D software.

WireCASE Provides 3D visualisation and 3D modeling services in the following areas of expertise;

Architectural visualisation | Interactive presentations | Product visualisation | Game content creation | interior Visualisation



The WireCASE Mission:


We work to accelerate the development, and enhance the quality, of visual communication, education, entertainment and business by providing the definitive source of quality 3D digital content and creative services. Our team provides a full range of custom 3D services including:

Conceptual design | Digitizing | High-resolution model creation | Real-time model creation | Texture mapping

We have 1000s of 3D models in various file formats. These 3D models, which include Architectural structures, Entire cityscapes, furniture, interiors, fixtures, vehicles, equipment, and much more, will guarantee you meet your tight deadlines!


Why Choose WireCASE:


We endeavour to make 3D visualization and content creation both affordable and accessible, displacing the notion that top quality CG content is an expensive luxury only available to those with huge budgets.

Please click here to visit our gallery and showreel to see some examples of what we can do for you. Our Design team includes experienced senior interior Designers and Visualisers who have worked in both the commercial and retail sectors at several high profile companies such as M Moser Associates, Kanvas Interiors, Area Sq, Morgan Lovell, CMI Workplace Ltd, T Systems, Autodesk and Maris Interiors LLP .

With several years of experience pitching to your potential clients we fully understand the importance of great visuals and the need to ensure that all the elements designed by your team are properly communicated to your client.

Having senior designers who have worked many years for established companies means we comprehend the vital necessity of meeting tight deadlines and can give you 24 hour turnaround of visuals, as well as offering other alternative presentation forms such as walkthroughs and detailed sketch-up models to ensure you will always stand out from your competitors and maximise your chances of success.




Quoting your job doesn't require much information at all. Unlike actually starting the project, we only need a basic idea of what we are up against, so if you can't get detailed blueprints or plans immediately then that is fine.


Buying media is simple!


  1. Use the website to browse products on our homepage.
  2. Use the Search area to enter keywords and initiate a search. WireCASE responds with a listing of the products matching your criteria.
  3. Sort and select the files that interest you and WireCASE will show you detailed file information and multiple preview images.
  4. Select the items you want. You can immediately download free files. Priced products are moved to a shopping cart awaiting payment.
  5. Enter credit card info or PayPal to purchase your cart and begin using your new products.

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