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Future City HD 7 Night 3D model

Future City HD 7 Night 3D model

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Extremely detailed 3D model of a realistic night time cityscape of the future.

This scene contains 40 highly detailed futuristic Architectural structures and futuristic transport networks.

Scene previews were rendered with V-Ray 2.4 for 3ds Max 2014.

This scene is perfect for High Definition Renders and Animations.

Lighting setup is included

Building interior lights were created using V-Ray light materials so can be adjusted if needed. 

Street light effects are 3ds Max Standard spotlights.

Very quick render times.

Length of City is Approx 1.36 Km
Width of City is Approx 290 m
Length of road is Approx 1.2 km 
Width of road is Approx 15 m
Height of tallest building is approx 281 m

Units used is generic.
1 unit = 1 mm

Geometry: Polygonal Ngons used
Polygons: 10,654,463
Vertices: 10,175,323
Textures: Yes
Materials: Yes
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