What we do

Communicate your design ideas in real-time to your customers

We can create an immersive experience of your projects and verify the harmony between aesthetic, functional and practical factors with your client's needs. Whether you are a designer, a building company or a real estate agency you can show your final project and attract customers and investors from all over the world

Virtual Reality technology represents an innovative design tool allowing the simulation and the interactive visualization of a proposal at the preliminary phases. Thanks to this tech,, professionals in Architecture and Real Estate have the opportunity to enhance the communication of their design idea, increasing the effectiveness of their services. 
We can develop customized applications based on the client's needs


Turn your models into interactive 3d objects to optimize cost, quality and timing of prototyping.

Review ergonomics, assembly and functionality of the product before realization.

Test different design options quickly.

Wear the viewer to see the spaces at 360° and immerse yourself in the environment that you're making.

You can present the final project to your client abandoning two dimensional scale models and renders.

Thanks to virtual reality, in fact, you will be able not only to explore buildings with a 1:1 scale but also interact with the surrounding objects.

With Immersive Virtual Reality you can explore reconstructed environments with a first-person perspective, experiencing an indescribable sensation of absorption and sensory immersion. Conquer your customers with experiences of great emotional impact

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